These lovely rings will deliver out your playful, authentic and considerably wild aspect. Created by the artist “Merry me” from Bangkok, they’re made up of three items that collectively type an animal, however you can too use them individually. For instance, you possibly can sport a squirrel in your finger should you use them collectively, or you possibly can simply use the acorn.

1. Deer

Ring in the shape of a deer with three pieces horns head and body

2. Owl

Three-piece ring where an owl is formed

Hand of a girl showing her owl shaped ring

3. Swan

Swan ring in a woman's hand

4. Squirrel

three-piece squirrel ring

Hand of a girl showing her squirrel shaped ring

5. White fox

Hand of a girl showing her ring in the shape of a white fox

6. Raccoon

three-piece raccoon ring

raccoon ring

7. Seagull

ring in the hand of a girl in the shape of a duck

8. Cat

Cat shaped ring

Girl showing her cat shaped ring

9. Lazy

Sloth-shaped three-piece ring

Sloth Signature Three Piece Ring

10. Pet

three-piece dog ring

Girl showing her ring in the shape of a puppy


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